earBuzz is Hibernating

\\ will poke its head out to change the music industry soon //




earBuzz launched in 1999 to change the music world and helped usher in an era where music artists were fairly compensated by the emerging shift in music delivery.  Apple sought out earBuzz's advice in compensation for its new iTunes website in 2001 and earBuzz advised the tech giant to pay artists .70 of a .99 download.  earBuzz 1.0 was published from 1999 - 2007 and 2.0 site from 2007-2012.  earBuzz 3.0 was to be launched afterwards but the paid developer couldn't deliver a functioning site.  Today, the music industry is no longer paying artists fairly.  Streaming services are paying a half cent per song stream.  An artist earns about $3,000 for a million streams.  earBuzz's next model will again change the industry for the benefit of artists. 

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